Thursday, March 29, 2018

Have you ever tried AirBnB?

A fortnight ago, me and my significant other goes to this AirBnB in Penang. The place is so chic, I kid you not. we make a plan with couples of friends to go along but the end up cancelling, so, with a heavy heart, we goes there by ourself. And please bear in mind that this is our first time booking in any AirBnB. Imma bit scared, exited, nervous, overjoyed and nauseated all at the same time. Yes. Being a bit of an introvert makes me feel that way. We book a whole 1 bedroom apartment to ourself. lucky us. These are the pictures.

The place is amazing. it could fit up to 4 people inside. That is our intention, 2 in the bedroom, 2 on the sofa bed in front of the telly. And the place is super duper clean, got full amenities(microwave, iron, water heater, hot shower), located at higher levels (26th floor) and have a sunrise view which can be seen outlook a veranda. perfect. Oh, I forgot to mention, with comes with swimming pools, gym and recreational area in level 9. For i have not swim in quite a while, we did go for a morning swim.

Sorry for this picture quality. Taken from my 5 year old phone.

All in all, we are happier than ever and as a bonus, my SO like the this place so much, he is considering to upgrade our home. That mean better interior design and we plan to make our place perfect. He is planning to make an entertainment room, just for our family to relax, play console and watch movies. Maybe next time we can ask friends to hang out at our place, instead on cancelling a paid hotels booking. And as for me, I am asking for a bathtub inside our bathroom. Keep my fingers crossed.

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