Sunday, December 3, 2017

Are you Happy?

This is my hideaway place. sometimes i need to just jolt down my thought, my ideas and my feeling so that it will not pass away in vain.

Im an average girl in a simple life. I live. I love. and most of the time i eat.

Im having the best of my time here. I am not special. U would not look twice after you see me. and Im okay with that. I love being alone, I enjoys being with myself, with my book and spending time lost in my own thought. therefore i considered myself as an introvert. I would not post this kind of thing in my facebook page. I dont need audience for this. should any of you stumble across this, please don't mind it so much. okay?

Recently, someone said to me that they are in the state of euphoric. They have accomplish so much and they are so busy with life. Well you see, I used to crave those things. Money, status and fame. but not anymore. I am in love with my life. Its not glamorous, but it is definitely enough. i have so much time for myself and with my family. I can hardly remember when is the last time i have migraine; for that I used to suffer this once every month, during those stressful years.Much money is also needed to tend my health problem, and cut them in, it is not a life worth living. I leave it all behind, and start anew. somewhere less noisy, less stressful. and I learn to love this as it is. to find love in little things, to find the blissfulness of life and to be grateful for it. My serendipity.

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