Thursday, March 29, 2018

Have you ever tried AirBnB?

A fortnight ago, me and my significant other goes to this AirBnB in Penang. The place is so chic, I kid you not. we make a plan with couples of friends to go along but the end up cancelling, so, with a heavy heart, we goes there by ourself. And please bear in mind that this is our first time booking in any AirBnB. Imma bit scared, exited, nervous, overjoyed and nauseated all at the same time. Yes. Being a bit of an introvert makes me feel that way. We book a whole 1 bedroom apartment to ourself. lucky us. These are the pictures.

The place is amazing. it could fit up to 4 people inside. That is our intention, 2 in the bedroom, 2 on the sofa bed in front of the telly. And the place is super duper clean, got full amenities(microwave, iron, water heater, hot shower), located at higher levels (26th floor) and have a sunrise view which can be seen outlook a veranda. perfect. Oh, I forgot to mention, with comes with swimming pools, gym and recreational area in level 9. For i have not swim in quite a while, we did go for a morning swim.

Sorry for this picture quality. Taken from my 5 year old phone.

All in all, we are happier than ever and as a bonus, my SO like the this place so much, he is considering to upgrade our home. That mean better interior design and we plan to make our place perfect. He is planning to make an entertainment room, just for our family to relax, play console and watch movies. Maybe next time we can ask friends to hang out at our place, instead on cancelling a paid hotels booking. And as for me, I am asking for a bathtub inside our bathroom. Keep my fingers crossed.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Are you Happy?

This is my hideaway place. sometimes i need to just jolt down my thought, my ideas and my feeling so that it will not pass away in vain.

Im an average girl in a simple life. I live. I love. and most of the time i eat.

Im having the best of my time here. I am not special. U would not look twice after you see me. and Im okay with that. I love being alone, I enjoys being with myself, with my book and spending time lost in my own thought. therefore i considered myself as an introvert. I would not post this kind of thing in my facebook page. I dont need audience for this. should any of you stumble across this, please don't mind it so much. okay?

Recently, someone said to me that they are in the state of euphoric. They have accomplish so much and they are so busy with life. Well you see, I used to crave those things. Money, status and fame. but not anymore. I am in love with my life. Its not glamorous, but it is definitely enough. i have so much time for myself and with my family. I can hardly remember when is the last time i have migraine; for that I used to suffer this once every month, during those stressful years.Much money is also needed to tend my health problem, and cut them in, it is not a life worth living. I leave it all behind, and start anew. somewhere less noisy, less stressful. and I learn to love this as it is. to find love in little things, to find the blissfulness of life and to be grateful for it. My serendipity.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Birthday Giveaway by KasihkuAmani.


Syarat Penyertaan:
1. Mestilah blogger di Malaysia.
2. Sila follow blog KasihkuAmani.
3. Buat satu entry dengan menggunakan tajuk Birthday Giveaway by KasihkuAmani.
4. Letakkan banner pada entry.
5. Banner hendaklah dibacklink ke sini.
6. Link penyertaan/url blog hendaklah ditinggalkan di kotak komen ini sahaja.
7. Pemenang akan dicabut oleh Sha dan juga Suami. 

Hadiah Untuk Pemenang
Sebuah Novel X 4 orang pemenang
(Hadiah akan ditambah bergantung pada penyertaan)

Tarikh Giveaway : 01 Oktober 2016 hingga 30 November 2016
Pengumuman Pemenang : 01 Disember 2016
Tempoh Menuntut Hadiah : 01 Disember 2016 hingga 7 Disember 2016

Cuba nasib. InsyaaAllah~

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Orked saya sudah berbunga. Yess!!!

Pokok orkid ini adalah pemberian ibu mertua. Dalam banyak- banyak pokok orked yang saya tanam, pokok ni yang paling kerap berbunga. yang lain tak pernah berbunga lagi. 

Memang ada beli baja bunga (jenis garam) dari kedai. Tapi, masih tak berbunga jugak. sekarang saya tengah kumpul maklumat untuk bagi orked saya berbunga ada beberapa petua seperti

1) Letak bawah matahari dengan cukup.   (dah buat)
2) Jangan lupa siram dengan air baja.   (dah Buat)
3) Jaga akar pokok. kalau akar mati, atau tak sihat, pokok susah berbunga. (rasanya akar pokok ok ja)

Hurm. kalau siapa-siapa ada tips yang lain tolong bagitahu saya ye. Thank you. =]

Sunday, October 23, 2016


In the dirty place, a new life sprout. bringing joy to others. should there be anything more precious than this?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bayam Batu @Mullberry.. Nak Siket?

Cubaan untuk menanam pokok mullberry berhasil. yahoo! cerita bermula pada hari raya Aidilfitri Julai 2016. kami balik beraya di rumah tok di kedah. sambil2 beraya gi tengok pokok2 dekat rumah tok. Ada Pokok mullbery besar sangar. Hasrat dalam hati nak tanam kt rumah lah. berbunga hati masa tengok pokok ni. gtaw mama dan mama lah yang mintak kt tok. terima kasih mama! sayang mama!

kt sini orang panggil buah bayam batu. memang orang kedah panggil camtu kot. hee.

Cara nak tanam pokok ni senang ja. 

1) Ambil batang pokok (keratan batang dalam 10 - 15 cm)

2) Semai dalam polybag.


Eh, jangan la tak siram pulak. siramlah sehari sekali pon dah cukup. Sekarang ni musim hujan. jadinya x siram langsung. ngee~ naik dah. tinggi.

Pokok ni lebih kurang 3 bulan. dah berbuah. rasa buah ni masam kalau makan yang warna merah. jadi, jangan makan masa kaler merah, tunggu warna hitam barulah buah ni rasa manis. Rasanya lebih kurang macam makan buah anggur. tapi anggur super duper kecil. berjus. tapi kecil sangat. x puas makan sikit2. Hurm, pernah scroll facebook timeline tengok orang buat jus dari buah mullberry. nanti kita cuba dan kita update sini ye.


Sebagai seorang surirumah, menulis blog boleh mengisi masa lapang. Kan? Kadang2 nak mencuba resipi baru. Dan untuk menulis cara2 membuat sesuatu. Okay, kita tulis satu persatu, ye. Bukan semua kita boleh ingat. takot lupa lah katakan. boleh kan?

Ayuh kita mula.